A Letter to Hillary Clinton

Secretary Clinton,

I get it. Strong women don’t like being second. Hell, I think it’s safe to say we don’t like being anything but first. We don’t like being wrong. We don’t like being told we should quiet our voices. And we certainly don’t like being told we can’t do something a man can do.

And you’ve done it all. You are educated – a Wellesley  grad with honors in political science, and a Yale Law degree under your belt. You’ve sat at the tables. You’ve stood at the front of the room. You’ve leaned it. And I respect you for all that you’ve accomplished in your celebrated career in politics.

As First Lady, you revolutionized the fight for a more just healthcare system. Your husband’s campaign promised “two for the price of one”, with you appointing/approving at least 11 top-seated officials in the Clinton administration. I’ve read you even had an office in the West Wing, uncommon for most First Ladies whose offices are usually in the East Wing. But not Hillary. You wanted your spot in the place of power, and you worked for it. And I respect that.

Then shit got weird. I hate to see anyone go through public humiliation. Especially someone who seemed to have it all together, and deserve better (which we all do). But I was young when it all actually happened, and my parents were Republican, so you were just the poor soul who was the victim of another dog-of-a-man. You spent some time in Arkansas, maybe not a lot of time actually among the people, but as First Lady of the state I’m sure you were privy to southern, bible-belt ways of believing when a situation like that occurs in the home.

I can’t even imagine how leaving would have changed your life. But for me, that’s where it could have been different. I don’t want to teach my daughter to stay in a shitty situation because she may be able to gain a few shady favors down the road. I want her to be strong and true to her convictions and know that she deserves better because of the work she puts in for herself. That no one has the power to make her feel like she is less or second to anyone because she isn’t. But yours isn’t my life and it wasn’t my decision, and I’m sure it was a tough one to make. I don’t know the situation and I won’t pretend to, but in my opinion, you stayed in that situation, in some means, to gain power. You had made friends (very rich ones), and no one likes to lose friends in an ugly split. You had grown accustomed to a certain lifestyle, and no one can blame you for enjoying nice things.

But you’ve also made very poor decisions with the power that you have gained by being a Clinton. I’m not going to list them out because on the off chance that you actually ever read this, you already know what those things are. I know the internet hadn’t really made its debut yet when you were First Lady – one could point the finger at this for the “little” “Oopers, didn’t know what a private server was and that I shouldn’t be using it to send very important emails” slip up, but things are a little different now. So let me be very clear – WE ALL SEE WHAT YOU’RE DOING. IT’S OUT THERE FOR US AND WE ARE EATING IT UP. AND YOUR OPPONENTS ARE, TOO.

With that being said, there is something very important that you and  your faithful supporters need to understand: you are dividing the Democratic Party, and you alone can unify our groups by standing behind the one candidate that we all know can beat Donald Trump in the General Election. I know you see the polls. I know you’re hearing the pundits. We all know you’re dodging the questions, just like you dodged debates with Senator Sanders.

I hate that they’re criticizing your looks. Your clothes. Your past and present relationship status. That’s all so petty, and so menial when you’ve given us 20,000 real reasons why you should not be our next President. If you really care about this country you will step aside and let this movement and revolution transform our country into what we all know is possible – a nation with systems that work for all of us.

I get it. It’s a tough pill for you to swallow. But not nearly as tough as it is for the American people to try to swallow the “lesser of two evil” pills. You may not like coming in second, but we don’t like the idea of a leader who is a manipulative, lying, scheming, fear monger. Some might even say those adjectives make it pretty tough to tell you apart from the guy on the other side of this circus (lookin at you Drumpf). We are not fooled. You will make this right, or we will. But your reign is over, Queen Hillary. The people have spoken.

We Are With Him.